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Electro Plastics, Inc. Releases Heated Mat to Reduce Hazards in Arctic

Our STEP® Marine product line has long been supporting the transportation industry, especially in ships that travel through polar areas. By covering the decks and stairs with STEP® Marine heating elements, the ships can be winterized.

Now, these ships can remain ice-free and even safer using the latest product – STEP® Marine Arctic Pad. The element is wrapped within a heavy duty polyurethane blend, offering heavy traction and a dry surface.

“Our marine partners have asked for more and more solutions to keep their ships safe and dry for the workers,” says Monica Irgens, president of Electro Plastics, Inc. “The STEP® Marine Arctic Pad comes in a variety of options, depending on how much traction the ship surfaces needs. This unique technology applies beyond the marine industry and expands to all industrial needs, including helipads and even walk-ways.”

Learn more about its applications and how it works.

Warmfloor Goes Off Grid at Conference

The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo made history this past October. Inside the exhibit area, the Greenbuild Net Zero Zone included a “live” hybrid ac/dc microgrid demonstration, the only concept of its kind at any tradeshow.

At the convention center, a variety of solar panels and wind turbines were set up outside four days before the conference to start collecting sunlight immediately and charging the “battery backup room” located in the Net Zero Zone.

The first day of the conference, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015, the Emerge Alliance facilitated a demonstration and literally unplugged the existing on-grid AC power source to the DC battery backup to the entire Net Zero Zone experiencing zero disruptions, smoothly and instantly.

The Net Zero Zone exhibitors showcased their DC-powered products, ranging in 380V to 12V.

The STEP Warmfloor booth demonstrated the STEP Warmfloor heating elements and mats on both 24V DC and AC. The company also debuted the STEP Warmfloor Mat, a 24V low-voltage radiant heat mat that features self-regulating technology.

“DC Microgrids are a growing market, and the fact that this expo was hosted in Washington DC gives me hope that our decision-makers will continue to invest in energy-efficient technologies,” says Monica Irgens, president, STEP Warmfloor.


The solar panels and wind turbines collected energy for days before the conference and powered the “Net Zero Zone” for the three-day seminar.


Electro Plastics, Inc. Introduces a Line Voltage System – STEP® Heat Trace

We are so proud to introduce another brand product to our radiant heat systems. STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage is a line voltage system used for radiant heat, snow melt and deicing in industrial and commercial buildings. It’s a heating solution for interior and exterior applications, specifically in large concrete installations, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses and garages.

Unlike our other STEP® heating elements, the STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage is specifically designed for larger projects and does not require a transformer. It operates on our STEP® AC Controller, available in  230V, and can work with the STEP Touch® thermostat and external sensor.

Like the rest of our products, the self-regulating PTC nanotechnology allows the element, including the new STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage, to heat with maximum power while using less electricity, which minimizes power consumption and reduces operating costs compared to conventional electric cable systems.

Learn more about this new product and its benefits at our website.

Electro Plastics, Inc. introduces STEP® Mat

The STEP® Mat is a 24V low-voltage radiant heat mat made of durable and heavy duty carpet to keep facilities safe and dry. Because the heating elements are self-regulating, they cannot over heat and are very energy efficient.

STEP MatThese mats are a perfect solution to maintain heavy foot traffic areas free from snow and ice in entrances, walkways and pathways. And besides heating, the matting provides debris and moisture removal before you enter the premises. The heated mats reduce slipping hazards and eliminate tracking in of chemicals that can stain interior flooring.

The mats can be custom made to size. Also the product can be customized with an image, such as an organization’s logo. The mat allows for full-color logos.

For ease of transportation, this mat measures 6 ft. wide by 10 ft. long and comes with a 10 ft. power cord and plug-in 120V transformer. Multiple mats can be placed side by side to cover the desired heated surface.

The mat inside a walk-in refrigerator. The temperature in the room was about 13 degrees Fahrenheit, while the mat maintained a 39 degree temperature.

The mat inside a walk-in refrigerator. The temperature in the room was about 13 degrees Fahrenheit, while the mat maintained a 39 degree temperature.

Electro Plastics, Inc. Introduces a Line Voltage System – STEP® Heat Trace

Electro Plastics, Inc. released a brand new product to its offering of radiant heat systems. The new STEP® Heat Trace is a line voltage system STEP-heat-trace-Logoused for radiant heat, snow melt and deicing in industrial and commercial buildings. STEP® Heat Trace is a heating solution for interior and exterior applications, specifically in large concrete installations, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses and garages.

STEP® Heat Trace is available in different widths and lengths, and if applicable, can be grounded with an optional STEP® Sheath. Unlike other STEP® heating elements, the STEP® Heat Trace is designed for larger projects and does not require a transformer. The STEP® Heat Trace system connects to the STEP® AC Controller, available in 120V or 230V, and includes the STEP Touch® thermostat and external sensor.

“Customers love our self-regulating technology, and we knew we had to look into another offering for those larger projects,” says Monica Irgens, president, Electro Plastics, Inc. “Instead of needing dozens of transformers in a large warehouse, STEP® Heat Trace doesn’t require any. It operates right from the STEP® AC Controller.”

The STEP® Heat Trace elements are made of homogeneous, semi-conductive polymer. This self-regulating nanotechnology allows the element to heat with maximum power in cold environments and uses less electricity as the temperature increases. This minimizes power consumption and reduces operating costs compared to conventional electric cable systems.

The element is protected by a chemically, inherently inert and dielectric insulation. This liner protects against physical damages and aggressive materials to allow the heating element to be installed under concrete or other non-combustible material in industrial and commercial applications. Other features of STEP® Heat Trace include:

  • Flat, thin and flexible line voltage heating element
  • Includes two connected wire lines, six feet each; wire lengths can be made to fit customer specifications
  • Durable and versatile
  • Energy efficient, self-regulating technology – as the material gets warmer, less electricity passes through the plastic
  • The element acts as a sensor and cannot overheat

Also, STEP® Heat Trace may be used for snow melt and/or deicing. In addition to being used under concrete to eliminate the need for shoveling snow, this product could be used in bridges and overpasses to prevent accidents due to slippery roads.

“We designed this based on the feedback from our customers,” says Irgens. “We are so proud to continue inventing elements and STEP® systems that allow our customers to stay warm at home and at work.”

Electro Plastics, Inc. offers a range of radiant heating solutions for residential and commercial floor heating, snow melt, and roof and gutter deicing. All products are ETL listed, have the CE marking and conform to ANSI/UL. For further information, contact Monica Irgens at 1-314-426-3555 or visit

Visit to International Association of Electrical Inspectors

The International Association of Electrical Inspectors (AIEI) mandates 16 hours of training every two years for each member, and classes and speakers must be approved by the corporate AIEI. When the Minnesota IAEA was looking to learn about the Standard for Safety and Electric Heating Products, they looked no further than ElectroPlastics. Monica and Stephen were invited to present at their April meeting in St. Paul by Sam Sampson, the secretary/treasurer of the Minnesota Chapter and 2014 president of the IAEI Western Section.

“We’re so grateful Sam invited us,” says Monica, president of ElectroPlastics. About 30 electrical inspectors came. “They were so engaged and interested in the technology. They asked many great questions and gave great feedback.”

Red Bull Gives You Wings, STEP Warmfloor Keeps You Warm


We’ve told you about STEP RV before, and the news spread to the skies. Red Bull came to the factory in St. Louis to show off their RV after installing our STEP Warmfloor element into their motorhome. This special RV travels to all sorts of special events across the nation, from skiing to bobsledding competitions. To stay warm, they installed our thin heating element throughout the RV.


The element fit right under the tile floors throughout the RV, including the bathroom and kitchen.

Keep warm, and keep flying!

St. Louis Welcomes Proud Green Home

Going green isn’t just a trend anymore. Building a sustainable home is becoming a more common practice, and they are starting to sprout in St. Louis.

Proud Green Home partnered with us and other contracting companies to build a five-bedroom, 3,700 sq.-ft. home in Wildwood, Mo., that is expected to meet a number of green building standards.

“We’re so excited not just to be a part of such an environmentally-friendly project, but to do it right here in our hometown,” says Monica Irgens, STEP Warmfloor president. “Our projects bring us all over the world, from the South Pole to Norway, and I couldn’t be happier to bring this green solution right next door.”

The house will feature the STEP Warmfloor heating elements in the master bathroom. “This is a common place for our product,” Monica says. “Who wants to get out of a warm shower and step onto cold tile? With STEP Warmfloor, this new house will offer heated floors so this lucky home owner doesn’t have to face that.”

This project is expected to be complete this year. Stay updated at

STEP Warmfloor Introduces New Element Resistant to Water and Chemicals

It’s been a year already since we launched our latest element.

For the past 30 years, STEP Warmfloor® has maintained electronics working in the Antarctic, de-iced tugboats in Alaska, and heated houses all over from Norway to Ushuaia. Our product was resistant to either water or chemicals. Now, it’s resistant to both. We introduced a new liner to add to our STEP Warmfloor® heating elements to resist water and chemical damage, so that they are better protected in all types of installations.  NewElement We also made the heating elements more attractive and recognizable by using a printed liner with the STEP® logo. This will make it very easy to recognize the original STEP Warmfloor® should anyone try to sell you something else. NewElementInstalledOur new product comes after years of feedback from our customers. A product or system has to include all the components, has to be simple to install for the contractor and easy to use for the end-user. We listen to our distributors, resellers, contractors and end users to learn from them what works and what needs to be improved. This is how we can offer our customers the best product and most efficient installation for their application.

STEP Warmfloor Offers Free AEC Daily Online Course

STEP Warmfloor is pleased to offer a free online learning course, brought to you by AEC Daily. This course provides one hour/credit for the state and the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and it qualifies for the Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) training.

“We partnered with the AEC in order to provide architects a better understanding of the radiant heat market, as well as the installation techniques and customer benefits of our PTC [positive temperature coefficient] technology,” says Monica Irgens, STEP Warmfloor president.

The green market is heating up, and more and more new construction projects are looking for LEED certification. STEP Warmfloor is a certified Greener Product, complying with the LEED, LEED for Homes and NAHB standards.

“I don’t know of any radiant heat providers who offer a truly green product like ours,” says Monica. “When the AEC Daily approached us, we were eager to partner because the architects weren’t aware of any options for electric radiant heat that are as energy efficient.”

The course, “Floor Warming, Primary Heating, Snow Melting & Roof De-icing with PTC Heaters” outlines the following objectives:

  • discuss the underlying principles of heat transfer and the advantages of radiant heat
  • compare the operation and installation of radiant heating systems
  • explain how self-regulating polymer technology works and identify specific applications across a variety of construction sectors
  • discuss the energy efficiency and performance of PTC (positive temperature coefficient)heaters, and
  • discuss the advantages of using PTC heaters for floor warming, primary heating, snowmelting and roof de-icing.


View and sign up for the course online.